How to Use these Top 5 Self Defense Weapons

Self-defense weapons are devices that are used by individuals to protect themselves against unintended threats. There are varieties of self-defense gadgets acquired depending on the safety assurance a person requires. This article will discuss the types of self-defense weapons and how to manage them.

1. Tasers

Tasers are non-lethal weapons formerly constructed for use by police to apprehend suspected criminals. Civilians have now embraced the use of tasers for self defense. They are convenient due to their small size, allowing them to be fit into pockets. Tasers are powerful weapons and one type works by shocking a person at who it is directed upon immediate contact. The act renders an attacker immobile giving a chance for escape. Another type of taser uses a gas canister to fire from a pistol and thus does not necessarily need the victim to be too close for it to work. The pistol taser is also effective as it acts faster than the direct-contact taser.

2. Pepper Spray

Pepper sprays are cheap self defense weapons that are easy to apply. They are made for inducing pain through chemical burn when applied on the skin of assailants. If the attacker is a male figure, spraying onto the face or exposed genitalia would be the best areas to cause intensive pain. When they are left in excruciating pain, the victim is free to run. Pepper spray does not require prior advanced studies in order to learn how to apply it. The only practice that may require progressed attention is the speed of withdrawing the can when facing a threat.

3. Brass Knuckles

Brass knuckles are specially designed equipment to be worn on fingers for defense punching. Striking an opponent with a pair of brass knuckles has the same effect as hitting them with a medieval flail. These are quite intensive when put to good use and thus if you would never wish to see someone bleed by your hands perhaps other defensive gadgets can be applied.

4. Tactical Pens

Tactical pens are the most unpredictable and less expected form of defense weapons making them work even better and easily retrievable. They resemble a regular pen and thus are the best day to day carry weapons since they also work as a pen. How they work for dense is that they are used for jabbing, stabbing, and battering.

5. Vigilant Personal Alarm

A recommendation of most self defense classes is carrying a personal alarm or a whistle. The vigilant personal alarm can be incorporated in keys, for easy access and activated by a single push of a button. They are very loud, therefore, attracting the attention of anyone nearby, notifying them you’re in trouble. Additionally, vigilant are issued with a backup whistle if it happened that the alarm batteries fail.


When choosing a self defense weapon, it is fundamental that you decide on a weapon that makes you feel comfortable to have it in your possession. Worrying about where to store it and nearness to your approach is a factor to try to overcome. What is your favorite weapon of choice? Would you recommend your weapon to others? Sign up for our newsletter today!

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