How to Use a Stun Gun for Self Defense

Stun guns, tasers, and pepper sprays have become an option for self defense. If you have ever experienced the fear of an attack or have been a victim of an attack then you definitely know what I am talking about. These self defense gadgets are very reliable and serve you the best way if you understand how to use them in the right way. While many of us know them, some may confuse the stun gun with the tasers, which are two completely different gadgets.

Tasers are used when a supposed assailant is a few meters away, but to use a stun gun the attacker must be within your reach.

Just how do you use a stun gun the right way? Any clues? I understand. Many of us who own a stun gun don’t know how to use it, nut no need to worry, here’s how:

Know the Type of Stun Gun in Your Possession

I know stun guns look the same, but their stopping power varies. Knowing the stopping power of your stun gun is a useful fact that will guide you on how to use it. Stun guns come in a variety of voltages. Some can be 30,000 volts. While some of us can ignore the volts, ensure to go for the highest amperage.

While the voltage gives the push to go through thicker clothing, amperage is the nipping force. Measured in milliamps, an amperage is a sure fire way to give you the effects desired.

Acquaint Yourself With Your Stun Gun

Don’t keep your stun gun laying in your purse or pocket for when danger arises. lt is wise to familiarize yourself with your defense gadget. Know how to use it, its weight, its feel and its attachments so when an attack does happen, you’ll be prepared.

Know How to Aim

For a stun gun to work, it must hit the intended target.The area mostly aimed at is the upper part from below the chin to the waist. The stun gun works effectively on these parts of the body. While it may not cause a permanent effect on the attacker, it will buy you time to escape or for the police to arrive.

Recharge or Replace your Batteries

Keeping your batteries fresh comes in handy for when emergency arrives. This is why its important to know the kind of stun gun you posses. Does it have a rechargeable or replaceable battery?

Switch on to Safety Mode

Every stun gun has a safety switch at hand. When you’re at home or when you are not using the stun gun or maybe you’re at home with kids, the safety switch can be used to prevent the gun from firing off accidentally. Switch it off once you feel that danger is not far.

How to Fire

A stun gun is meant to immobilize your assailant but not to kill him. Ensure the prongs are in contact with the assailant. Hold the target for as long as you can for a much longer effect. Don’t worry if the assailant holds on to you, the shock won’t affect you.

However, not everyone will be incapacitated by the shock regardless of the prolonged time. Like we see in movies there are many people who are simply immune to pain. Especially, those who are mentally perturbed.

Its always wise not to solely depend on these gadgets. Learn other ways to defend yourself as not every assailant is affected by them as I mentioned. You can also learn self defense techniques. Contact us today to find out your options.

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