All About Tiger Claw Knives

The tiger claw knives also known as a Karambit are knives that are shaped to look like a tiger claw. It is believed the knives originated among the Minangkabau people of West Sumatra. They look extremely stylish with sharp ridges and a blade that has a 45 degree curve as well as a pointed edge. The tiger claw knives have the preciseness and power of an actual tiger claw. The sleek and unique design of these knives makes you want to own it as soon as you lay eyes on one of these beauties.

Reasons Never To Mess With The Tiger Claw Knives
Wicked during a combat – Wicked is the only word that will come into your mind the moment you see a tiger claw knife. The design of the knife is wicked. This multipurpose knife is a must have if you are a knife collector. This knife can be used as a combat knife and it is held in such a way that the blade will be pointing downwards from the bottom of the fist. In combat it can be used in a slashing or hooking motion. Some knives come with a finger ring at the end, the kind used in a punching motion as well.

Concealability – Another reason why this knife can be deadly is because of its unique feature of concealability. Some of the tiger claw knives are easily concealable. You can either get a karambit which are easily foldable or you can get these miniature sheath type-models, which can be worn around the neck. These knives are a huge advantage since you have the element of surprise during an attack. Their small size and unconventional placement can come in handy in self-defense situations. Some companies even design miniature tiger claw knives specifically to ensure maximum concealability.

Unpredicatability – The moves employed for a tiger claw knife are very different from the usual stabbing and slashing motion done using a common or regular knife. When you are skilled at using a tiger claw knife, your opponent will have a tough time at understanding and countering your move. Punching, flailing, poking, stabbing, and slashing are some of the common moves made using this knife and if you are skilled at using a tiger claw knife then your transition will be very quick between each of your moves. You can deploy this knife conveniently even in compromising situations.

Intimidating – Let us be honest; no one wants a fight against a tiger claw. The tiger claw knife’s design is intimidating enough to keep your potential attackers at the bay. Serrations, the sharp cutting edges as well as the blades that look menacing, the safety ring and doubled edged blades, etc. can make even the strongest opponent think twice before plunging into an attack. Moreover, this knife has a known history of creating serious damage to nerves, tendons and arteries of people who went in combat against a person yielding this knife. This is a perfect weapon for causing some serious limb destruction.

Unique Features – The tiger claw knife has some of the most unique features other than its double edged blades. The safety ring that comes in the knife can also be used as a knuckle buste’. This blunt tool can cause an impact as well as a distraction for you to immediately use it in a slashing motion. This can be held either in the normal way you hold a knife or can be held in a reverse grip. If you are a skilled user you can easily flip it and use it to your advantage.


The tiger claw knife is a multi-purpose knife. It was originally designed as an agricultural and field tool. It can be used for cutting ropes, cleaning, scaling, and other functional purposes. This knife is easy to carry and comes in handy for fisherman, backpackers, military units, hunters, martial artists etc. This is also an excellent self-defense tool.

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