Salute to a friend, Phil

This post is long overdue.  Now, I’m just able to start talking about it.  Last month, we lost a good friend, Phil Leslie.  Pardon me, but this post is to salute to a friend.

He Was a Student of the Craft

Phil was a friend and helluva fighter even to the last day.  Back in the day, we used to think about all the things we wanted to do once we grew up and learned the skills to pursue higher ambitions.  He was more of an intellectual, and I was more of an athletic type. Our friendship — though, odd to some — seemed to be packed with good times, though, he left us too soon.

His Early Years

Phil lived in the Los Angeles, CA area.  As adults, we would come across each other and it was a great time when we could recall the good times we had together.  He would ask about how the martial arts school was doing, and I’d provide updates.  I’d ask him about his family, and hew would give me updates.  It seemed so strange that even the West Hills movers his family used after the passing would remark about how wonderful of a man he truly was.  Phil, you certainly touched us dearly and you won’t be missed.

He Inspired Me to Start This Business

Phil was an entrepreneur at heart.  Even as a kid, he would plan these really interesting business ventures, and his ambitions served him well in his later years.  He was a bright guy, and very easy to get along with.  With me as a martial artists enthusiast, I have to say that some of the inspiration for forming the training center could have been attributed to Phil and I’s conversations back in our earlier years.  Phil had a way to inspire and support people in unique ways.

He always treated people right.  Phil always was looking to add value to people’s lives.  No matter what he did, if it was for progress and making a positive difference, he was all in.  I was inspired to do community service because of the example Phil set.  He was always looking out for the other person.  Phil will never be forgotten.

Even as he was consulting for local moving companies in the area, he always had a way to ensure that the other guy would win without being a threat for a conflict of interest.  He was a negotiator and mediator, and with as kind of a heart as his, he always — always — found a a win-win situation to make everyone happy in all the dealings that I’ve known he was involved in.  He brought charisma and passion wherever he went, and his devotion was infectious.

A Special Day for Phil

I promised myself I would commemorate his life in some form.  Roses and card didn’t seem like enough.  This coming Spring, we will be holding a special day to talk about friends from our lives– both, new and old.  Once we get the event finalized, we’ll keep you updated by providing more information on our blog.

Still with a heavy heart, we will endure with love.


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