Picking up 3 Other Useful Skills

Over the years of learning to become the best version of myself with martial artists training, sometimes its important to take a step back and reflect on new ways to grow.  Of course, specializing in a skill can be extremely useful.  For me, the skill was martial arts.  Though, we only grow when we try something new.

For this post, I’d like to note a few new skills I’ve been working on to help you understand that training, in general, is meant to help you grow in many aspects of life.

Learning to Give Great Massages

As many of you know, my training can be rigorous as I’m in the gym nearly everyday training.  Though, sometimes it’s important to completely relax.  Over the years, I’ve frequently enjoyed sports massages as its a way to help recover from a workout.  It was only recently that I learned to give massages by learning massage therapy.

Believe me, my wife appreciates this new skill more than I do, sometimes.  After we visited a Kansas City Massage Parlor while we were in town for vacation, I was sold on the notion to learn the skill to learn how to give a great massage myself.  After reading up on the ancient techniques of massage therapy, it was time to enroll in some local classes to become certified.  As of last month, I am now a certified massage therapist myself– and it only took about a month to receive this certification!

Learning to Cook Scientifically

My wife and I love cooking, and after experimenting with many food subscription boxes, we decided that we really wanted to up our skills with cooking.  Soon, we discovered the fun science of Molecular Gastronomy.  Within weeks, we were buying new kitchen tools so that we could experiment with some of the cool meals that only this type of cooking can provide.

Now, we are cooking yogurt ravioli, and other fun foods using our droplets.  Our kitchen has turned into a science lab! 🙂 It’s fun to mix it up, and provide some more excitement around the household.

Learning to Become Financially Literate

We’ve always saved and invested since a young age, but it wasn’t until recently that we decided to truly become financially literate– our own right!  For years, we had relied on the advice of our financial advisor.  But with new fintech apps, like, Robinhood, we decided to start trading on our own.  We still use the help of a professional to manage things such as mutual funds, but now we feel more empowered by taking control of our own financial destiny.

In Conclusion

All these skills build on each other.  There are aspects of massage therapy that help us become better fighters.  There are aspects of finance, that help us with our business.  And, well, molecular gastronomy is just fun!

What types of skills are you learning outside of the gym?  Contact us and let us know– we want to hear it!

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