Why Mixed Martial Artists and Jiu-jitsu Enthusiasts are Buying Up CBD Oil


The cannabis plant is surrounded by controversy. People, especially fighters and athletes, are raving about it yet it’s been trapped behind a stigma of the couch potato “pothead” for years. But research is showing some seriously positive effects. Rising out of the stigma are its health benefits.

Cannabidiol (CBD oil) is a pain-relieving and non-psychoactive structure that derives from cannabis. It exists without THC so it does not have the “high” mental effects of marijuana. CBD oil’s medical capabilities are gaining more credibility every year. Enthusiasts are fighting for that to be known.

CBD oil is especially making its rounds in the Mixed Martial Arts and Jiu jitsu communities. Primarily for pain relief, CBD also reduces inflammation, carries anti-cancer properties, and has neuro-protective benefits for those prone to traumatic brain injury. Products are available in multiple forms. Most common for athletes are topical pain relief creams which directly aid muscle pain, soreness, and inflammation. If the entire body is sore or fatigued, a daily supplement (such as an oral tincture or vaping) can provide a full-body effect.

Before the CBD ban, the use has been widespread amongst athletes. With evolving research and credibility, the fighter community is making a big push to incorporate it seriously. Recently, Bellator and the UFC, two of the biggest MMA fight leagues in the world, have established partnerships with CBD companies. Fighters want better options than the destructive painkillers they’ve had up until now.

Pain killers, such as opioids, have long-term effects. They can negatively interfere with career decisions, relationships, and family life. A growing number of fighters push that CBD offers a non-habit-forming alternative that can help reduce dependency on such medications. Not to mention they provide healthier physical and mental effects.

Not only does CBD relax physical stressors but mental ones as well. Anxiety, depression, and instable mental health can get in the way of performance. Relationships with coaches, managers, and team members can be stressors. Self-doubt and high emotions can interfere with the goal at hand. CBD has effects on the mind that dissipate this unease. Otherwise, it’s a bonus side effect for increased focus and motivation.

It’s no surprise that CBD is so attractive to the MMA and Jiu Jitsu communities. Past cultural misunderstandings have restricted the use of this incredibly beneficial pain management. For those whose bodies get banged up in training and competition, it’s a no-brainer.

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