What Martial Art is Most Effective?


Martial art is the training of your mind, body, and soul either for personal security, military combat, day to day police work or for your own personal entertainment. Studies show that it is more effective than your regular workout at the gym. With so much information about martial arts already out there, it’s almost impossible to choose/know the type of martial arts most suitable for you. Well, let’s see which of the following is the most effective.


This is the oldest form of martial arts most of us know. I’m sure as a kid you used to watch and mimic everything you saw on WWE wrestling on TV. Wrestling can be described as the art of using your body weight to gain control of and completely subdue an opponent. It is so common worldwide even other martial art techniques have included it in their routines. It is for those who prefer ground fighting to any other form. You need to practice how to position yourself in a way you can get the upper hand, bridge the gap between you and the opponent and take him down. This technique needs all your strength and will help in muscle development and weight loss by burning all that unwanted body fat.


This is the most common self-defense techniques there is, it teaches you how to defend, attack and subdue any kind of physical assault. The most important thing in boxing is to have more punches than the opponent, meaning every punch counts. The technique mostly involves the upper side of the body, that is the arms and shoulders, but the footwork is also an important aspect of it as it helps in the quick movements back and forth as required in the ring. Boxing is also considered an aerobic and anaerobic as it increases lung capacity and trains the strength of the cardiovascular. Winning is either win through a decision made by the judges or a clear-cut knockout.


It is more like boxing except you can also throw kicks, use your knees, elbows, and head for butting. Also allowed is takedowns or literally throwing an opponent to the ground. Its main goal is to use all the above-mentioned styles to overpower an opponent and just like boxing you can either win through a decision made by the judges or a clear-cut knockout.


This teaches you to maximize the punches you throw, the kicks, knees and any other strike you unleash to completely subdue your opponent. Apart from attacks it also teaches you to block your opponent’s strikes and control your breathing

The most important goal of this technique is self-defense, as it teaches you to block your opponent’s advances and disable them fast with tailored strikes. These techniques can be effectively learned via self defense classes in San Diego.

A similar martial art to karate is Taekwondo. This art focuses more on individual kicking techniques compared to karate that uses more hand striking techniques. There are many qualified taekwondo in San Diego trainers that have effective Taekwondo training techniques to learn from.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

This is for those who want to learn a little bit of everything, the Jacks of all trades and masters of none. Or for those that are spoiled for choice, they don’t know which technique to go for. MMA combines all techniques from punching in boxing to the throwing down of wrestling and other diverse techniques not discussed in this article.

This technique, however, seems to overwhelm others because as a trainee you will need to learn and at least get familiar with the other martial art techniques. It is said to be growing rapidly across the world and is being referred to as the ‘purest’ martial arts technique there is. It comprises the best in all of them, the rapid punches of boxing, the grappling art of wrestling. This training is the most efficient in all the disciplines. This is like the holy grail of martial arts.

An underutilized form of martial arts, Filipino Martial Arts, is very effective at subduing your opponent. The best Flipino martial arts in San Diego companies know how to teach you the history of the art as well as its most common techniques.


In light of all the information provided in the article, we can conclude that there is a martial arts technique for anyone and everyone, all you need is a little bit of dedication and you are good to go. Please tell us what technique interests you the most and send us a message.

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