Why Karate Belt Color Is Important

Why Karate Belt Color Is Important Karate is one of the most valued martial arts around the globe; most people are currently seeking the skills not only for sports but also as a weapon for self-defense. In fact, it’s not long since most of the social activists anticipated for women Karate so as to help them with self-defense from vices such as domestic violence and rape. There are another bunch of persons who just seek this Japanese art of striking, kicking and defensive blocking using legs and arms, not for defense but just for fun. At one point, Karate is considered the most sought mode of exercise that was imparted on a lot of people by the Japanese film industry.

History of Karate Belts

In the world of Karate, probably you have heard of some saying that they are ranked according to belts. Some will say that they hold the yellow; some have the red, brown, purple and even green belt. Just as the colors are meant to decorate and to pass a hidden meaning, so are the Karate belts. They show how one is decorated and the kind of experience he/she has in the field of Karate, from the armatures to the top skilled Karate athletes. Karate belt, best known as aDobi’ is considered one of the most decorated uniforms, that besides holding the rank, it is also for providing support to the garment at 1.1-.Haral, middle of the body. aElObi’ is believed to have originated from the Shaolin Su Temple, China that the temple monks used wore around sash. This tradition also is very that discouraged the washing of the Karate belt. The belts depending on the color had different storage places, yellow was stored in a cloth pouch which was hidden in the folded gi.

Meaning Attached to Karate Belt

Different Karate belts aside from graded based on the color; they also had hidden symbols attached to them. Yellow belt represented the first beam of sunlight, which is meant to give the seedling new growth and life, so it marked the first phase of the Karate beginners who were out seeking the basic skills. Orange belt symbolizes the growing strength that the sunlight provides. It was worn to the beginner after being skilled on the 10 self-defense Karate skills. Greenbelt signifies the growth stage of the Karate Student, at this stage, the student graduates from beginner to intermediate. Blue belt is a representation of the sky and the light that the sky provides for the growth. Purple belt is a representation of the dawning moment. The dawn is a passing stage from study to the advanced stage of learning Karate. Brown belt signifies the ripening of a seed, maturity to harvesting process of the Karate study life. Red belt being the second most rated represents the advanced light of the sun, at this stage, the sunlight is considered the red-hot glow and the growing plant being the student slowly grows towards the burn. Black belt is the greatest of all bests that fly the Karate student at the summit of all the skills; it represents the darkness that is only seen after passing past the sun.

Karate is only a beautiful martial art with the belts featured in them. The belts can be best summarized as pride ladder that allows for consistency in seeking out the skills depending on the belt color.

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