It’s Faja Season

With Spring in the air, it’s almost time to wear your faja (aka as “shapewear”).  Whether you’re a woman or a man, body shapewear garments are great at helping you keep a lean, thin-forming figure.  In this post, we’ll highlight some things to keep in mind and consider as you look for your new shapewear.

Men's girdle

Shapewear is for women and men

Some people don’t realize that fajas can be worn by men, too.  For example, the men’s girdle on Amazon shows how a man fits in a faja girdle.  There’s multiple reasons for why a man might wear this type of shapewear, including: body shaping, post surgery recovery and sometimes, fashion.

After surgery faja shapewear

Recovering from cosmetic surgery can be very involved, but throughout the process, you want to look and feel great.  With fajas colombianas post surgery shapewear,  you can choose which body shapers suit your needs.  Whether you’re recovering from some type of plastic surgery or maybe you just had a baby, just know that there is shapewear to suit your needs!

Avoid Walmart for shapewear purchases

It doesn’t matter which Walmart I go, each one seems to have systemic issues (with goods, human resources and bad attitudes).  Additionally, Walmart has never been revered for their choice in sourcing quality materials nor will they ever.

Just look online, and you’ll find reviews like the one above.  You need to be careful because fajas are supposed to be designed to last you years — not months.  Spring is approximately 3 months.  Which faja will you be wearing this year?  Look out for more posts to help you this year by checking out our blog.

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