Have You Ever Heard of These 5 Martial Art Disciplines?


Martial arts is one of the most sought after traditions in the world, especially for reasons of self-defense, military applications and mental and spiritual development. It is believed that it originated in Asia although it was practiced in Europe as early as the fifteenth century. Research has proven that the practice is very essential especially to growing children. It creates discipline and inspires determination in life. It also teaches children that instead of being on the offensive one ought to avoid unnecessary fights. Martial arts is a wide discipline that involves unique styles. The field of martial arts has evolved and here are some of the most uncommon ones which man has never heard of.

1. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

This martial arts style was invented by the Gracie family. The style gained international recognition when Royce Gracie used its techniques to win in the Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC). The style teaches how to combat a large-sized opponent and ways of using leverage to win against them. The style is considered dangerous to both genders. This martial art is a combination of judo and jiu fighting styles.

2. Krav Maga

This technique of martial art originated from Israel and is dubbed by the military as the art of staying alive. It is mainly based on instincts and that why it may appear complex. It is very essential especially during an attack and, therefore, anyone can practice it, regardless of their size, level of fitness and strength. It is highly referred for self-defense because it focuses on means to neutralize the attacker in the fastest means possible. Unlike other disciplines of martial arts, there are no set rules as one is expected to use both offensive and defensive techniques at the same lime.

3. Muay Thai

This is a martial art style that is considered ruthless and it is preferred for self-defense. It originated from Thailand and it is dubbed as the art of the limbs because it uses eight points of contact. One is allowed to use their feet, hands, knees and elbows. It teaches its practitioners how to attack an opponent in order to make room for a quick exit.

4. Aikido

This is a very unpopular martial art, however, it is very efficient for those people learning about self-defense and survival moves. It was created by Morihei Ueshiba, of Japanese descent. Instead of attacking the opponent, it focuses on means of using the aggressiveness and energy from the opponent to your advantage.

5. Western Boxing

Boxing teaches the practitioner the various ways to deliver a punch with precision and how to evade them. The practitioners are trained how to condition their body in readiness for combat. In this way, the boxer is trained to act fast, make quick decisions and make the right moves during a combat.


Martial arts is a discipline that is sought after because of its benefits in the realms of defense, spiritual and health. There are many styles of martial arts. Brazilian jiu jitsu teaches how to combat an opponent who seems to be more powerful than you, Krav Maga mainly deals with ways of neutralizing an opponent. Many people prefer Muay Thai in times when one wants to get rid of an opponent as fast as possible. The energy of an opponent can be used against them when one uses the Aikido technique. Western boxing helps one to condition their body in readiness for a fight.

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