In the field of martial arts, there is a lot to know. You have new terminology, new exercises, and a lot of hard work. If you have the dedication to become successful, you can go far. However, without the proper martial arts training gear, you might not get very far. Without it, you can definitely get seriously injured.

There are many different types of training gear that you could purchase. Some training gear is good for protecting your body directly. Other types of training gear strengthen your body, thereby protecting it in the long run. Both are essential to being the best fighter you can be. Let’s look for the review of best martial arts training gear that you might need along the way.

Headgear is one of the most important pieces of protective training gear because it really helps you to protect your head from injuries, which are serious and can also be fatal. The headgear that you choose must be comfortable to wear, be lightweight for ease of movement and should be well padded around the crown of the head and also along the base of the head that is most likely to be damaged during the training process. You should consider some of these factors before going to buy a headgear.

– The material used in the headgear construction

– What kind of protective features are included in this headgear

– How many protective features exist versus other headgears?

– Is it easy to clean or not?

Body Armour:

This is one of the foremost pieces of equipment that you have to consider before joining any martial art or karate sparring. It will protect the trunk of your body, especially, the kidneys, ribs and also prevents your liver from damage.


Nowadays there are many different and varied styles of martial arts gloves that are available in the market Each and every style has its own function. Basically, the boxing gloves come in the standard sizes like 10, 12 and 16 ounces. The lighter gloves are used for competitions while the heavier ones are for training purposes. These are designed for use with wrapped hands. Generally, the martial arts training gloves are open-handed which allows for strikes with finger thrusts and fists.

Shin and foot guards:

These offer great protection for the attackers as well as the defenders. These shin and foot guards are made from  polyurethane and foam, which are very light and easy to clean as this is the most important feature for a lot of people.

Iron Palm Bag:

This Iron Palm bag must be constructed of extra heavy canvas and can be filled with steel shots. It is great for developing the strength in your fingers and hands. If you want to improve your open hand techniques, do so with one of these.

Having the right training gear is obviously very important for practicing all forms of martial arts. If you want to be the best fighter you can be, it’s important that you combine the best training equipment with an attitude of persistence.

Why would you study martial arts today? Well, first and foremost, I would say obviously to defend yourself. I’ve heard people say that you don’t need regular martial arts today because it’s not a hand-to-hand world anymore, it’ guns, knives, bombs, airplanes, and drones.

I disagree. In my life I’ve definitely been in a handful of actual physical confrontations where martial arts has come in handy. I haven’t won them all, but each one made me realize I need to expand my repertoire to other things. I haven’t lost them all either. I’ve had a knife pulled on me twice. I’ve had to defend my own doorway with a knife one time. I definitely feel that they have a relevant place as far as hand-to-hand combat goes.

Beyond that, I study martial arts for what I refer to as “complete self-defense.” So meaning to defend myself, not just against another person, but to defend myself against what happens to our bodies with old age. To defend myself against an unhealthy lifestyle, to defend myself against laziness, to defend myself against stress, to defend myself against the urge to quit. To me it’s about all those things. Because one thing martial arts does for you, if you’re with the right group of people and in the right mindset, is it keeps you healthy. It keeps you healthy physically if you’re with the right group of people. It keeps you healthy mentally because it gives you something to push for and strive for. It obviously helps you defend yourself.

A beginning martial artist, what should they focus? A beginning martial artist should focus on the basics. No matter what art it is if you don’t have the basics and fundamentals everything else is going to collapse. I feel that you need to work on listening to your instructors, truly listening to them, not just letting them talk and you’re letting them to finish and then you go try to do whatever and not know what you’re doing and then try to fake it. You see that happen all the time.

Be consistent even when it’s not convenient. You see this a lot. I can’t tell you how many people have told me they didn’t come in the class because they needed to mow the lawn. That grass will be there tomorrow. Consistency is what pushes you forward. You may not have the greatest day today and the greatest day tomorrow, but if you’re consistent there are still things that you’re learning in those processes. If you’re hit and miss then you’re going to have the results of someone who’s hit or miss. That’s all there is to it. Be consistent even when it’s not convenient. Consistent, by nature, takes out convenience.

I will say also, train for longevity. Especially in the beginning, beginners want to hit everything as hard as they can. They want to use as much muscle as possible. They do what I call squeezing for no reason. They just get ahold of you and just squeeze to hold on because they don’t know what else to do yet. Their strength ratio and their technique ratio or not proportional. The more technique you get the less strength you need.

I’d say those are the big ones: learn the basics, listen to your instructors, and be consistent even when it’s not convenient, and train for longevity. For advanced students or long term martial artists, I would say the things to focus on would be the exact same things as a beginner. Those are the things, most likely, that got you to be an advanced experience martial artist so why would you stray from that? That’s what propels you forward, that’s why beginners forcus on it, because it propels you forward.

This post is long overdue.  Now, I’m just able to start talking about it.  Last month, we lost a good friend, Phil Leslie.  Pardon me, but this post is to salute to a friend.

Phil was a friend and helluva fighter even to the last day.  Back in the day, we used to think about all the things we wanted to do once we grew up and learned the skills to pursue higher ambitions.  He was more of an intellectual, and I was more of an athletic type. Our friendship — though, odd to some — seemed to be packed with good times, though, he left us too soon.

Phil lived in the Los Angeles, CA area.  As adults, we would come across each other and it was a great time when we could recall the good times we had together.  He would ask about how the martial arts school was doing, and I’d provide updates.  I’d ask him about his family, and hew would give me updates.  It seemed so strange that even the West Hills movers his family used after the passing would remark about how wonderful of a man he truly was.  Phil, you certainly touched us dearly and you won’t be missed.

Phil was an entrepreneur at heart.  Even as a kid, he would plan these really interesting business ventures, and his ambitions served him well in his later years.  He was a bright guy, and very easy to get along with.  With me as a martial artists enthusiast, I have to say that some of the inspiration for forming the training center could have been attributed to Phil and I’s conversations back in our earlier years.  Phil had a way to inspire and support people in unique ways.

He always treated people right.  Phil always was looking to add value to people’s lives.  No matter what he did, if it was for progress and making a positive difference, he was all in.  I was inspired to do community service because of the example Phil set.  He was always looking out for the other person.  Phil will never be forgotten.

Even as he was consulting for local moving companies in the area, he always had a way to ensure that the other guy would win without being a threat for a conflict of interest.  He was a negotiator and mediator, and with as kind of a heart as his, he always — always — found a a win-win situation to make everyone happy in all the dealings that I’ve known he was involved in.  He brought charisma and passion wherever he went, and his devotion was infectious.

I promised myself I would commemorate his life in some form.  Roses and card didn’t seem like enough.  This coming Spring, we will be holding a special day to talk about friends from our lives– both, new and old.  Once we get the event finalized, we’ll keep you updated by providing more information on our blog.

Still with a heavy heart, we will endure with love.