Best Ways To Ensure You Get All Of Your Apartment Deposit After Moving Out

Hey guy, so I am currently moving out of an apartment into another one and this is like my third move in the last three years. They’ve all been rentals so I thought I would share a little bit about what to do when you move out of a rental. Moving out of a rental can be a really sketchy experience because people try to screw you. Hello welcome to the world! It’s like your first apartment and everything’s been great you’ve been so kind to the people and they’ve been kind to you and then you move out and they’re like yeah so you know that like 10’ x 10’ piece of carpet it costs $500 to clean it with a regular steam cleaner. So we’re going to need you to pay that. And you have to be upfront with them and say no I’m sorry. That’s really been the experience that I’ve had when moving out rentals.

A lot of people don’t know this in their first rental and so I’m just going to tell you all the things you should do so you will not get screwed. Number one is stay in constant contact with your landlord. Tell them day one when you’re going to move. Ask them what you should do. Ask them what you can do to make it better for them. Do everything you can so they won’t want to just charge the heck out of you just because they can. Do everything they tell you to do just listen to them. Make sure you ask them how you they want you to handle holes in the walls you know from putting things on the walls. Some landlords want you to fill them and some do not. Make sure you know what your landlord wants you to do before you do anything the last thing you want to do is get in trouble from friggin nail holes. That’ll ruin your day.

Also ask about drip pans. Drip pans are those little pans underneath your electric stove. The little circle things that catch all the nasty food. Usually places will replace them. My landlord told me that I would have to pay $50 to replace them and it was coming out of my deposit. Just ask them if you can go out and buy your own because they’re $10 at Walmart. I just bought my own for my apartment and had to replace them myself. Just things that you can do yourself will make it so much cheaper and also if you see anything that needs to get fixed call your maintenance people before you move out because if they fix it while you’re there you don’t have to pay for it, if they fix it while you were gone you have to pay for it, see the difference. Make sure everything is fixed everything is clean everything is new that needs to be new before you move out.

Also some apartments make you clean, clean, clean so make sure you do all the cleaning standards they have. They will charge you for the dust on your vent hood. I’m telling you, get it all clean and you won’t have any problems.

That brings me to number two, Clean like your mama is behind you and will whip you if you do not clean correctly because they will count everything. If your baseboard had some dog hair on it they’re going to ding you for that, if your light switch has a little bit of peanut butter from when you were eating really sad and grabbed it and t got on the light switch they will charge you for it. The dust on your ceiling fan, they’re going to charge you for it .Clean everything as if you’re going to have surgery in the room. Everything needs to be clean.

Once you get done cleaning call your landlord and ask to have a walkthrough so they can come look and tell you if there’s anything else you can do so you will not be charged extra for living there. They’ll come in and tell you that hey that needs to be cleaned better and they’ll allow you a second chance for you to clean it up so that you’re not charged. Always do a walk through.

Number 4 is before you leave the apartment take pictures of everything. Take pictures of closets and appliances. Take pictures that way if they try to argue with you you’ll have the pictures to show that there was no grimy dirt there. That must have been from hard water stains. That’s the thing so make sure you take photos and everything in your apartment to avoid these type of arguments and losing them because if you’re not proof you do not win.

The last one is make sure you turn everything in on time because this is all up to you. If you do not turn your house keys, mail keys, access cards in on time and you have to pay for them that is your fault. That is no one else’s fault. You cannot fight that. You knew when to turn it in and you didn’t so make sure you don’t get charged on stupid things like that. Make sure you know what you have to do to where to put your keys and all that good stuff and you’re going be great.

So these are my moving out rental tips. I hope this is helpful and thanks for reading. Spring cleaning has begun and some of the worst messes live all year in your kitchen.

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