5 Quick Tips in Using Gau-5a Aircrew Self Defense Weapon

It’s been longer than a decade that our American Air Fighters and our Bomber Pilots never got to have a self-defense rifle on their own. The Gau 5A Aircrew is a self-defense weapon and also a variant of AR-15/M16 pattern design.  The Gau 5A is dedicated for their ejection survival pack which is a semi-automatic rifle suited for long range. The best thing about the Gau 5A aircrew is that it can be broken to half its original size and could be easily fit through a conventional survival kit.

Here are some tips on the Gau-5A Aircrew Self Defense Weapon

Perfect survival rifle 

There is a high possibility that an air fighter could crash or shot down when at war. The air fighters eject their seats and try to move to a safe place against their enemies. At present, pilots are given knives and a sidearm for self-protection.

With a self-defense rifle, which can be added to their survival kit can be used a self-defense device to shoot down the enemies. By using this, they have a better chance of survival against their opponent.

You have a better range 

The Gau 5A has the size of an M5 rifle and can be used as a shoulder weapon. The rifle is capable of firing at a 3 round burst. The rifle also uses a 5.56*45mm ammunition which has a wide range of 200m or 650 feet and much more.

When the opponent is at long range, the Gau 5A would be a splendid option of taking out the enemy. More than that the rifle can be assembled within 60 seconds, which would be an added advantage during critical circumstances.

A special locking system 

The Gau 5A Aircrew looks entirely different when compared to their earlier versions. The locking system is given an upgrade. The Cry Havoc Tactical has come up with this brilliant idea where the lock holds the assembly of the barrel to the rest of the rifle.

The rifle also does not need any special tools for assembling. Mostly the Gau 5A has the features and configuration of the M4 rifle. It uses the direct impingement mechanism, which has been derived from its earlier versions, which means that after the bullet is triggered the gas propellant gets filtered for continuous firing action

Use it as a regular stock gun 

The rifle has a shorter barrel than the M4 and a sig Sauer arm brace. There would be extreme stability by strapping it to the forearm and use it as a regular stock rifle.

Size does matter 

The Gau 5A is small in size and can fit through the air fighters survival kit. The weight of the rifle is decidedly less compared to its counterparts and can be easily carried through even extreme distances. This would help the fighter walk long distances without feeling the pressure on their shoulders.

In short 

There are many benefits and limitations of this unique rifle. Even though it might be lightweight and small, the rounds it pulls of can be damaging for the opponent and would serve as an ultimate compliment for air fighters instead of not owning any equipment for their defense.

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