Over the years of learning to become the best version of myself with martial artists training, sometimes its important to take a step back and reflect on new ways to grow.  Of course, specializing in a skill can be extremely useful.  For me, the skill was martial arts.  Though, we only grow when we try something new.

For this post, I’d like to note a few new skills I’ve been working on to help you understand that training, in general, is meant to help you grow in many aspects of life.

Learning to Give Great Massages

As many of you know, my training can be rigorous as I’m in the gym nearly everyday training.  Though, sometimes it’s important to completely relax.  Over the years, I’ve frequently enjoyed sports massages as its a way to help recover from a workout.  It was only recently that I learned to give massages by learning massage therapy.

Believe me, my wife appreciates this new skill more than I do, sometimes.  After we visited a Kansas City Massage Parlor while we were in town for vacation, I was sold on the notion to learn the skill to learn how to give a great massage myself.  After reading up on the ancient techniques of massage therapy, it was time to enroll in some local classes to become certified.  As of last month, I am now a certified massage therapist myself– and it only took about a month to receive this certification!

Learning to Cook Scientifically

My wife and I love cooking, and after experimenting with many food subscription boxes, we decided that we really wanted to up our skills with cooking.  Soon, we discovered the fun science of Molecular Gastronomy.  Within weeks, we were buying new kitchen tools so that we could experiment with some of the cool meals that only this type of cooking can provide.

Now, we are cooking yogurt ravioli, and other fun foods using our droplets.  Our kitchen has turned into a science lab! 🙂 It’s fun to mix it up, and provide some more excitement around the household.

Learning to Become Financially Literate

We’ve always saved and invested since a young age, but it wasn’t until recently that we decided to truly become financially literate– our own right!  For years, we had relied on the advice of our financial advisor.  But with new fintech apps, like, Robinhood, we decided to start trading on our own.  We still use the help of a professional to manage things such as mutual funds, but now we feel more empowered by taking control of our own financial destiny.

In Conclusion

All these skills build on each other.  There are aspects of massage therapy that help us become better fighters.  There are aspects of finance, that help us with our business.  And, well, molecular gastronomy is just fun!

What types of skills are you learning outside of the gym?  Contact us and let us know– we want to hear it!

Self-defense weapons are devices that are used by individuals to protect themselves against unintended threats. There are varieties of self-defense gadgets acquired depending on the safety assurance a person requires. This article will discuss the types of self-defense weapons and how to manage them.

1. Tasers

Tasers are non-lethal weapons formerly constructed for use by police to apprehend suspected criminals. Civilians have now embraced the use of tasers for self defense. They are convenient due to their small size, allowing them to be fit into pockets. Tasers are powerful weapons and one type works by shocking a person at who it is directed upon immediate contact. The act renders an attacker immobile giving a chance for escape. Another type of taser uses a gas canister to fire from a pistol and thus does not necessarily need the victim to be too close for it to work. The pistol taser is also effective as it acts faster than the direct-contact taser.

2. Pepper Spray

Pepper sprays are cheap self defense weapons that are easy to apply. They are made for inducing pain through chemical burn when applied on the skin of assailants. If the attacker is a male figure, spraying onto the face or exposed genitalia would be the best areas to cause intensive pain. When they are left in excruciating pain, the victim is free to run. Pepper spray does not require prior advanced studies in order to learn how to apply it. The only practice that may require progressed attention is the speed of withdrawing the can when facing a threat.

3. Brass Knuckles

Brass knuckles are specially designed equipment to be worn on fingers for defense punching. Striking an opponent with a pair of brass knuckles has the same effect as hitting them with a medieval flail. These are quite intensive when put to good use and thus if you would never wish to see someone bleed by your hands perhaps other defensive gadgets can be applied.

4. Tactical Pens

Tactical pens are the most unpredictable and less expected form of defense weapons making them work even better and easily retrievable. They resemble a regular pen and thus are the best day to day carry weapons since they also work as a pen. How they work for dense is that they are used for jabbing, stabbing, and battering.

5. Vigilant Personal Alarm

A recommendation of most self defense classes is carrying a personal alarm or a whistle. The vigilant personal alarm can be incorporated in keys, for easy access and activated by a single push of a button. They are very loud, therefore, attracting the attention of anyone nearby, notifying them you’re in trouble. Additionally, vigilant are issued with a backup whistle if it happened that the alarm batteries fail.


When choosing a self defense weapon, it is fundamental that you decide on a weapon that makes you feel comfortable to have it in your possession. Worrying about where to store it and nearness to your approach is a factor to try to overcome. What is your favorite weapon of choice? Would you recommend your weapon to others? Sign up for our newsletter today!


Martial art is the training of your mind, body, and soul either for personal security, military combat, day to day police work or for your own personal entertainment. Studies show that it is more effective than your regular workout at the gym. With so much information about martial arts already out there, it’s almost impossible to choose/know the type of martial arts most suitable for you. Well, let’s see which of the following is the most effective.


This is the oldest form of martial arts most of us know. I’m sure as a kid you used to watch and mimic everything you saw on WWE wrestling on TV. Wrestling can be described as the art of using your body weight to gain control of and completely subdue an opponent. It is so common worldwide even other martial art techniques have included it in their routines. It is for those who prefer ground fighting to any other form. You need to practice how to position yourself in a way you can get the upper hand, bridge the gap between you and the opponent and take him down. This technique needs all your strength and will help in muscle development and weight loss by burning all that unwanted body fat.


This is the most common self-defense techniques there is, it teaches you how to defend, attack and subdue any kind of physical assault. The most important thing in boxing is to have more punches than the opponent, meaning every punch counts. The technique mostly involves the upper side of the body, that is the arms and shoulders, but the footwork is also an important aspect of it as it helps in the quick movements back and forth as required in the ring. Boxing is also considered an aerobic and anaerobic as it increases lung capacity and trains the strength of the cardiovascular. Winning is either win through a decision made by the judges or a clear-cut knockout.


It is more like boxing except you can also throw kicks, use your knees, elbows, and head for butting. Also allowed is takedowns or literally throwing an opponent to the ground. Its main goal is to use all the above-mentioned styles to overpower an opponent and just like boxing you can either win through a decision made by the judges or a clear-cut knockout.


This teaches you to maximize the punches you throw, the kicks, knees and any other strike you unleash to completely subdue your opponent. Apart from attacks it also teaches you to block your opponent’s strikes and control your breathing

The most important goal of this technique is self-defense, as it teaches you to block your opponent’s advances and disable them fast with tailored strikes. These techniques can be effectively learned via self defense classes in San Diego.

A similar martial art to karate is Taekwondo. This art focuses more on individual kicking techniques compared to karate that uses more hand striking techniques. There are many qualified taekwondo in San Diego trainers that have effective Taekwondo training techniques to learn from.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

This is for those who want to learn a little bit of everything, the Jacks of all trades and masters of none. Or for those that are spoiled for choice, they don’t know which technique to go for. MMA combines all techniques from punching in boxing to the throwing down of wrestling and other diverse techniques not discussed in this article.

This technique, however, seems to overwhelm others because as a trainee you will need to learn and at least get familiar with the other martial art techniques. It is said to be growing rapidly across the world and is being referred to as the ‘purest’ martial arts technique there is. It comprises the best in all of them, the rapid punches of boxing, the grappling art of wrestling. This training is the most efficient in all the disciplines. This is like the holy grail of martial arts.

An underutilized form of martial arts, Filipino Martial Arts, is very effective at subduing your opponent. The best Flipino martial arts in San Diego companies know how to teach you the history of the art as well as its most common techniques.


In light of all the information provided in the article, we can conclude that there is a martial arts technique for anyone and everyone, all you need is a little bit of dedication and you are good to go. Please tell us what technique interests you the most and send us a message.


I’d like to give everyone an update on the status of Frank while Training Center. It’s been awhile since I posted, but we have been busy. If you have trained with us in the past we are still at the same location, but wait until you see our newly renovated facility. You won’t believe your eyes. I believe it is the best looking training center in the city, but I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Newly Renovated Our Facility

Now it’s been many years since we last updated our facility and why this place has been good to us over the years it was looking a little bit worn and definitely in need of some TLC. This project has been in the works for awhile but over the last 6 months we have been totally renovating our building and adding more training rooms, brand new mats, mirrors, punching bags, and even a small snack area you can visit after your training.

Hired Two New Martial Arts Trainers

Now the building wasn’t the only thing getting a facelift. We were blessed to hire on two new martial arts trainers to help with the influx of new martial arts students. They will be a great addition to our team and we wish them the best. One of our new instructors was actually a student here when they were younger and we are so pleased that they decided to stay with us this long. Our other instructor is very skilled as well and has trained with many professional martial artists to gain his expertise. Please come by and introduce yourself when you have a free moment or attend one of our free training sessions to get introduced to our company.

We Are Offering New Times in the Afternoons and On The Weekends

After much demand we have added more training times in the late afternoon when folks get off work and also some morning and evening times on Saturdays and Sundays. This is so more students can fit their martial arts into their schedules and can train when it works best for them.

We Are Still Looking for New Clients

Even though we have seen a large influx of new students after the first of the year we are still able to take on some more clients. If you have an interest in martial arts or just want to talk to someone about your options, please give us a call or stop by and talk to one of our instructors. Our instructors are skilled in multiple martial arts disciplines and they can guide you into one that you’ll enjoy the most.

We Look Forward to Hearing From You

Please stop by and take a look at our newly renovated facility and keep us in mind for your martial arts needs in the coming year. We look forward to serving the community for years to come. Please leave any questions here and we’ll respond to them shortly. Have a great day and keep up your training.


Martial arts is one of the most sought after traditions in the world, especially for reasons of self-defense, military applications and mental and spiritual development. It is believed that it originated in Asia although it was practiced in Europe as early as the fifteenth century. Research has proven that the practice is very essential especially to growing children. It creates discipline and inspires determination in life. It also teaches children that instead of being on the offensive one ought to avoid unnecessary fights. Martial arts is a wide discipline that involves unique styles. The field of martial arts has evolved and here are some of the most uncommon ones which man has never heard of.

1. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

This martial arts style was invented by the Gracie family. The style gained international recognition when Royce Gracie used its techniques to win in the Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC). The style teaches how to combat a large-sized opponent and ways of using leverage to win against them. The style is considered dangerous to both genders. This martial art is a combination of judo and jiu fighting styles.

2. Krav Maga

This technique of martial art originated from Israel and is dubbed by the military as the art of staying alive. It is mainly based on instincts and that why it may appear complex. It is very essential especially during an attack and, therefore, anyone can practice it, regardless of their size, level of fitness and strength. It is highly referred for self-defense because it focuses on means to neutralize the attacker in the fastest means possible. Unlike other disciplines of martial arts, there are no set rules as one is expected to use both offensive and defensive techniques at the same lime.

3. Muay Thai

This is a martial art style that is considered ruthless and it is preferred for self-defense. It originated from Thailand and it is dubbed as the art of the limbs because it uses eight points of contact. One is allowed to use their feet, hands, knees and elbows. It teaches its practitioners how to attack an opponent in order to make room for a quick exit.

4. Aikido

This is a very unpopular martial art, however, it is very efficient for those people learning about self-defense and survival moves. It was created by Morihei Ueshiba, of Japanese descent. Instead of attacking the opponent, it focuses on means of using the aggressiveness and energy from the opponent to your advantage.

5. Western Boxing

Boxing teaches the practitioner the various ways to deliver a punch with precision and how to evade them. The practitioners are trained how to condition their body in readiness for combat. In this way, the boxer is trained to act fast, make quick decisions and make the right moves during a combat.


Martial arts is a discipline that is sought after because of its benefits in the realms of defense, spiritual and health. There are many styles of martial arts. Brazilian jiu jitsu teaches how to combat an opponent who seems to be more powerful than you, Krav Maga mainly deals with ways of neutralizing an opponent. Many people prefer Muay Thai in times when one wants to get rid of an opponent as fast as possible. The energy of an opponent can be used against them when one uses the Aikido technique. Western boxing helps one to condition their body in readiness for a fight.

We really hope you enjoyed this article, if you learned anything please contact us and tell us about it!

Why Karate Belt Color Is Important Karate is one of the most valued martial arts around the globe; most people are currently seeking the skills not only for sports but also as a weapon for self-defense. In fact, it’s not long since most of the social activists anticipated for women Karate so as to help them with self-defense from vices such as domestic violence and rape. There are another bunch of persons who just seek this Japanese art of striking, kicking and defensive blocking using legs and arms, not for defense but just for fun. At one point, Karate is considered the most sought mode of exercise that was imparted on a lot of people by the Japanese film industry.

History of Karate Belts

In the world of Karate, probably you have heard of some saying that they are ranked according to belts. Some will say that they hold the yellow; some have the red, brown, purple and even green belt. Just as the colors are meant to decorate and to pass a hidden meaning, so are the Karate belts. They show how one is decorated and the kind of experience he/she has in the field of Karate, from the armatures to the top skilled Karate athletes. Karate belt, best known as aDobi’ is considered one of the most decorated uniforms, that besides holding the rank, it is also for providing support to the garment at 1.1-.Haral, middle of the body. aElObi’ is believed to have originated from the Shaolin Su Temple, China that the temple monks used wore around sash. This tradition also is very that discouraged the washing of the Karate belt. The belts depending on the color had different storage places, yellow was stored in a cloth pouch which was hidden in the folded gi.

Meaning Attached to Karate Belt

Different Karate belts aside from graded based on the color; they also had hidden symbols attached to them. Yellow belt represented the first beam of sunlight, which is meant to give the seedling new growth and life, so it marked the first phase of the Karate beginners who were out seeking the basic skills. Orange belt symbolizes the growing strength that the sunlight provides. It was worn to the beginner after being skilled on the 10 self-defense Karate skills. Greenbelt signifies the growth stage of the Karate Student, at this stage, the student graduates from beginner to intermediate. Blue belt is a representation of the sky and the light that the sky provides for the growth. Purple belt is a representation of the dawning moment. The dawn is a passing stage from study to the advanced stage of learning Karate. Brown belt signifies the ripening of a seed, maturity to harvesting process of the Karate study life. Red belt being the second most rated represents the advanced light of the sun, at this stage, the sunlight is considered the red-hot glow and the growing plant being the student slowly grows towards the burn. Black belt is the greatest of all bests that fly the Karate student at the summit of all the skills; it represents the darkness that is only seen after passing past the sun.

Karate is only a beautiful martial art with the belts featured in them. The belts can be best summarized as pride ladder that allows for consistency in seeking out the skills depending on the belt color.

Stun guns, tasers, and pepper sprays have become an option for self defense. If you have ever experienced the fear of an attack or have been a victim of an attack then you definitely know what I am talking about. These self defense gadgets are very reliable and serve you the best way if you understand how to use them in the right way. While many of us know them, some may confuse the stun gun with the tasers, which are two completely different gadgets.

Tasers are used when a supposed assailant is a few meters away, but to use a stun gun the attacker must be within your reach.

Just how do you use a stun gun the right way? Any clues? I understand. Many of us who own a stun gun don’t know how to use it, nut no need to worry, here’s how:

Know the Type of Stun Gun in Your Possession

I know stun guns look the same, but their stopping power varies. Knowing the stopping power of your stun gun is a useful fact that will guide you on how to use it. Stun guns come in a variety of voltages. Some can be 30,000 volts. While some of us can ignore the volts, ensure to go for the highest amperage.

While the voltage gives the push to go through thicker clothing, amperage is the nipping force. Measured in milliamps, an amperage is a sure fire way to give you the effects desired.

Acquaint Yourself With Your Stun Gun

Don’t keep your stun gun laying in your purse or pocket for when danger arises. lt is wise to familiarize yourself with your defense gadget. Know how to use it, its weight, its feel and its attachments so when an attack does happen, you’ll be prepared.

Know How to Aim

For a stun gun to work, it must hit the intended target.The area mostly aimed at is the upper part from below the chin to the waist. The stun gun works effectively on these parts of the body. While it may not cause a permanent effect on the attacker, it will buy you time to escape or for the police to arrive.

Recharge or Replace your Batteries

Keeping your batteries fresh comes in handy for when emergency arrives. This is why its important to know the kind of stun gun you posses. Does it have a rechargeable or replaceable battery?

Switch on to Safety Mode

Every stun gun has a safety switch at hand. When you’re at home or when you are not using the stun gun or maybe you’re at home with kids, the safety switch can be used to prevent the gun from firing off accidentally. Switch it off once you feel that danger is not far.

How to Fire

A stun gun is meant to immobilize your assailant but not to kill him. Ensure the prongs are in contact with the assailant. Hold the target for as long as you can for a much longer effect. Don’t worry if the assailant holds on to you, the shock won’t affect you.

However, not everyone will be incapacitated by the shock regardless of the prolonged time. Like we see in movies there are many people who are simply immune to pain. Especially, those who are mentally perturbed.

Its always wise not to solely depend on these gadgets. Learn other ways to defend yourself as not every assailant is affected by them as I mentioned. You can also learn self defense techniques. Contact us today to find out your options.

moment for appreciation

As time goes on, it’s important to pause and reflect.  Just as our teachers of the past would credit their masters for wisdom and encouragement, I wanted to take a moment to thank the people who have made this year exceptional for us and we round out 2018.

“If you truly love life, don’t waste time because time is what life is made of.” – Bruce Lee

So Far in 2018

If you haven’t heard, Frank and I are in the middle of a new business venture that we’re really excited about.  We feel that this new venture will provide us with even more resources and abilities to help the martial arts community.  Our forces are aligned now.  We’ve partnered with some of the best teachers and mentors out there, and we’re ready to take this to the next level!

As a training center, you know we have come across a variety of people at different skill levels.  What our passion is transforming into is serving as more of a teacher and helping more people at scale.  We have a variety of modern methods in which we believe this will prove successfully, though, we’re still working out the final details before we announce the actual offering.  Keep your eyes peeled!

It should go without saying, but we are especially appreciative of all the readers of our blog in the past several years as it inspires us to generate new ideas and content for this site.  Without your support, we wouldn’t be enabled to share new ideas with the world.  One of our favorite people that we want to thank is Jared who diligently works at getting results, and has been kind enough to help us develop our square space websites in the evenings.  It takes a team effort to form a new business and we’re grateful that our “stars are aligning” at this time.

What’s to Come for 2019?

Your guess is as good as ours, but if our plans come to fruition, you will know first!  With the rise in popularity of martial arts videos on Youtube several of your favorite teachers have something in store for you to establish a more refined approach to your learning of the different martial arts techniques and choosing your style.  After pouring over a lot of research and asking our experts for the best ways to approach this, we feel that 2019 will offer us the ability to finally roll-out products which the martial arts community will enjoy.

Ooops did I say too much?! 🙂

We’re excited that 2018 was such a great year for us and our students all around.  In 2019, we plan to launch and roll-out even more useful and fun material for you guys.  The world needs this inspiration now.  We’re finally at a point in time in which our unique ideas for training, learning and application can all be wrapped into ideas which are easily understood and usable.  We are truly living in a wonderful time.  Full of ideas, inspiration and progress.  For that, and for you, we are grateful.

We just want you to know, that no matter where our paths may lead us, you are appreciated.  You could be anywhere else in this world wide web (or beyond), and you continue to visit us, and count on our guidance in your learning.  We appreciate you.

It’s been longer than a decade that our American Air Fighters and our Bomber Pilots never got to have a self-defense rifle on their own. The Gau 5A Aircrew is a self-defense weapon and also a variant of AR-15/M16 pattern design.  The Gau 5A is dedicated for their ejection survival pack which is a semi-automatic rifle suited for long range. The best thing about the Gau 5A aircrew is that it can be broken to half its original size and could be easily fit through a conventional survival kit.

Here are some tips on the Gau-5A Aircrew Self Defense Weapon

Perfect survival rifle 

There is a high possibility that an air fighter could crash or shot down when at war. The air fighters eject their seats and try to move to a safe place against their enemies. At present, pilots are given knives and a sidearm for self-protection.

With a self-defense rifle, which can be added to their survival kit can be used a self-defense device to shoot down the enemies. By using this, they have a better chance of survival against their opponent.

You have a better range 

The Gau 5A has the size of an M5 rifle and can be used as a shoulder weapon. The rifle is capable of firing at a 3 round burst. The rifle also uses a 5.56*45mm ammunition which has a wide range of 200m or 650 feet and much more.

When the opponent is at long range, the Gau 5A would be a splendid option of taking out the enemy. More than that the rifle can be assembled within 60 seconds, which would be an added advantage during critical circumstances.

A special locking system 

The Gau 5A Aircrew looks entirely different when compared to their earlier versions. The locking system is given an upgrade. The Cry Havoc Tactical has come up with this brilliant idea where the lock holds the assembly of the barrel to the rest of the rifle.

The rifle also does not need any special tools for assembling. Mostly the Gau 5A has the features and configuration of the M4 rifle. It uses the direct impingement mechanism, which has been derived from its earlier versions, which means that after the bullet is triggered the gas propellant gets filtered for continuous firing action

Use it as a regular stock gun 

The rifle has a shorter barrel than the M4 and a sig Sauer arm brace. There would be extreme stability by strapping it to the forearm and use it as a regular stock rifle.

Size does matter 

The Gau 5A is small in size and can fit through the air fighters survival kit. The weight of the rifle is decidedly less compared to its counterparts and can be easily carried through even extreme distances. This would help the fighter walk long distances without feeling the pressure on their shoulders.

In short 

There are many benefits and limitations of this unique rifle. Even though it might be lightweight and small, the rounds it pulls of can be damaging for the opponent and would serve as an ultimate compliment for air fighters instead of not owning any equipment for their defense.

Karate is one of the most popular forms of martial arts. It’s a very organized sport complete with training and a uniform. This uniform is known as gi. It seems the uniform evolved from Judo uniform. Apart from learning how to deliver those very powerful kicks and strikes, you need to know how to put on karate gi. This is important in allowing you more flexible movements and comfort when competing. It’s not a matter of just throwing the gi on your body.

Karate gi come in various sizes and different materials. There are lightweight, super middle weight and heavyweight uniforms. Cotton and other light fabrics are common materials for the gi. Cotton absorbs sweat better and is more tough suitable the rapid movements. Wearing your karate uniform correctly gives you some advantages. So how do you put it on to get maximum benefit? Let’s get down to the secret.

Put on your pants and jacket normally. Move the right flap of the jacket towards your left. Raise your right hand as you hold down the belt with the left hand. Then bring the left flap over the right flap. Raise the left hand as you hold down the belt. Then bend forward and adjust the back of the jacket. Finally bend backwards while holding the belt down.

The karate belt is tied by holding the label end with your right hand, then wrap the other end around your waist twice. Pass the non-label end under the two belt layers from below and fold it to face down. Take the label end to the right under the non-label. Bring them to make a tight knot. Both ends of the belt should hang at equal lengths, if not then repeat.

This procedure makes you more free avoiding limiting movements. It also gives you more comfort and a feeling of satisfaction. You will find that you can stretch yourself with much ease. This is essential in boosting your confidence and morale. You don’t want your fighting spirit to be held down by poorly worn uniform. The correct way of putting on the gi will allow you to turn quickly at any angle without any restriction.

At the same time your uniform will not be strained. The good news is that with a couple of practice, you will master this correct way of wearing the uniform. The bad news is that if you don’t learn it, you will appear beaten even before the competition starts.

A long the same line and to give a smarter appearance to correct wearing, you need the right size of uniform. As mentioned above there sizes for kids and adults. If you put on a larger or smaller size you will appear awkward. It may also restrict your actions.

It is much easier to put on correctly a karate gi that fits you well; not too tight, not too loose. You can also choose the uniform from a variety of colors. And there you go. Well set for your lovely sport. Always bring out the best in you starting from correctly putting on you gi.